Here in the UK you will regularly see and hear of Rotary members providing finance and assistance to others - such as Poppy Day Collections with the Royal British Legion; raising money for local community organisations or running our own events such as the
annual Letchworth Garden City Charity Walk.


Some of your children will have heard of us, too. Every year in Letchworth we donate illustrated dictionaries to 10 & 11 year old
school pupils moving from Junior School to Secondary School.


This year our 'Dictionaries4Life' campaign involved distributing
more than 150 dictionaries to schoolchildren at The Grange,
Wilbury and Stonehill.

Along with other relief organisations, Rotary International is on hand when natural disasters strike around the world - such as the Asian tsunami or the recent earthquake in Nepal.

there's also the tragic plight of many thousands forced

to flee their homes because of severe famine or war.
Whatever the reason: victims, survivors and refugees urgently need a roof over their heads; clean water and warm food.


Rotary International is a Project Partner of ShelterBox

which provides emergency shelter and vital supplies to support communities around the world overwhelmed by disaster and an on-going humanitarian crisis.


Typically, inside each brightly coloured ShelterBox there is a disaster relief tent for a family; thermal blankets and groundsheets; water

storage and purification equipment; solar lamps; cooking utensils;

a small stove; a basic tool kit and mosquito nets.


Your generous support for these and many

other Rotary projects, is always appreciated.



        About Rotary International

Our club is part of a global organisation called Rotary International founded in the USA by Paul Harris, a lawyer in Chicago, around a century ago. Originally club  meetings would rotate between each member's home or office - so it became known as Rotary. There are now over 1.2 million members worldwide.


The main object of Rotary is to bring together people with diverse backgrounds
for friendship and service within their local community. As the organisation has grown, this includes service on a national and international scale too.


Rotary International is best known for being a major partner in raising funds for the eradication of polio worldwide. This began in 1979 by funding a project to immunise 6 million children in the Philippines. By 2012, only three countries remain polio-endemic — down from 125 in 1988.